Pow R. Toc H. - Rubber Duck!

Yeah, it's been a while...Mani is back in Full Force, having prepared an almost southern Rock lick on guitar and the great sounding chorus to one of Jörg's amazing cowbell driven grooves - made finding a proper bass line easy. We had extreme fun creating this tune! Please enjoy our latest offering! Peace, Reinhard
Guitars - Mani, Drums - Jörg Hünninghaus, Bass and Synths - Reinhard Gleisner
Music - Mani, Jörg and Reinhard
Cover - Reinhard (with the help of a free to use stock foto)

Hüni Drumming! Rubber Duck Rock! Swamp Guitar Extravaganza Cowbell Dance Rock and Roll Psychedelic Groove Bass Moog Sub37 DSI OB6 Three Friends One Band!

© Katja Maibauer 2014 / Reinhard Gleisner 2017