Zahlen, Daten, Fakten! & EP „Mental"

Mit dem Track „Zahlen, Daten, Fakten!“  ist ein kleiner Krautrock Ausklang für die EP „ Mental“ geschaffen. Zum ersten Mal habe ich den OP1 mit dem Electribe Sampler verbunden, was in ein lohnendes Ergebnis mündete.

Mental ist demnächst auf allen nennenswerten Plattformen käuflich erwerbbar!

Celebrating a bit of a Krautrock moment...
Dig this hybrid Groove with the Electribe and the beloved Ohpeewon!

The words are:
Zahlen, Daten, Fakten 
Statistische Erfassung
Gibt es ein Restrisiko?

In English:
Numbers, data, facts
Statistical collection
Is there a residual risk?

The first part is calm, although with a slightly hysterical voice repeating the need for all sorts of data before the whole thing erupts into a frenzy. 
This will be part of the Mental E.P. that is going to make it into all major online outlets soon.
Music and Synths - Reinhard Gleisner
Original Cover Picture by Gerd Altmann, altered for the Cover by Reinhard Gleisner.
Peace, Reinhard

Electronic Electribe Sampler Teenage Engineering OP1 Big Data!

Pow R. Toc H. - Color My Dream

Nach reichlich 2 Monaten mal wieder eine Pow R Toc H. Nummer….Es wurde allmählich Zeit dafür! Ein schöner Groove von Jörg und Manis akustische Gitarre haben mir die Arbeit leicht gemacht.

Jörg and Mani came to my house last night with this wonderful Groove. Mani added some light acoustic Guitar to it and wth the help of me playing the bass, piano and synths we got this dreamy tune for you...Enjoy! Peace, Reinhard
Drums - Jörg Hünninghaus, Guitar - Mani, Bass and Keys - Reinhard Gleisner. Music by Pow R. Toc H.
Cover by Reinhard Gleisner

Mani on Guitar! Hüni Drumming! Psychedelic Summer Breeze Groove Korg SV1 Electric Piano Bass Acoustic guitar Moog Sub37 DSI OB6

Electric R @ Happy Knobbing 2017 in Fischach

2 Tage frohen Patchens und elektrischer Musik. Freilich hat bei dieser Aufnahme während der obligaten Live Sessions bei weitem nicht alles funktioniert. Aber schön war’s doch! Bis nächstes Jahr wieder in Fischbach!

Pow R. Toc H. - Rubber Duck!

Yeah, it's been a while...Mani is back in Full Force, having prepared an almost southern Rock lick on guitar and the great sounding chorus to one of Jörg's amazing cowbell driven grooves - made finding a proper bass line easy. We had extreme fun creating this tune! Please enjoy our latest offering! Peace, Reinhard
Guitars - Mani, Drums - Jörg Hünninghaus, Bass and Synths - Reinhard Gleisner
Music - Mani, Jörg and Reinhard
Cover - Reinhard (with the help of a free to use stock foto)

Hüni Drumming! Rubber Duck Rock! Swamp Guitar Extravaganza Cowbell Dance Rock and Roll Psychedelic Groove Bass Moog Sub37 DSI OB6 Three Friends One Band!

EP: Mental

Es war einfach in den letzten Tagen zu heiß in meinem Studio für irgendwelche größer angelegten Aktionen. 

"It was way too hot in the studio this weekend! Plus, with all the partying i was hardly at home....but enjoy these tracks for the time being!
Peace, Reinhard"
Synths, Cover - Reinhard Gleisner

ExperimentalAmbient Psychedelic Groove Mental To hot in the studio Korg Electribe  Red and Blue  Jomox T-Resonator Teenage Engineering PO32

Veröffentlichungsdatum der EP:

28 Mai 2017

Album: …the red…

Just the red Electribe, a couple of cool samples (Typewriters, workshop machinery, blacksmith noises) and me, with the help of a little Reverb.
Electribe, Music and Cover by Reinhard Gleisner

EP release date:

7 May 2017


…the red… -Second Set-

More of the red...for you and yours to enjoy!
Peace, Reinhard.
Music and Synthesizer Reinhard Gleisner
This and the first set will be part of the EP available from all major online outlets and Bandcamp!

EP release date:

14 May 2017


Mechanic Tribe Noise Sample Exhibits A - G

Album: …and the blue...

Grooves recorded live! All of these were created on just the Electribe with a little weird reverb added! Enjoy!
Music and Tribe and Cover by Reinhard Gleisner

EP release date:

7 May 2017


Out Of The Blue - Exhibits A - E

EP: Funkafide Brain Damage

This is what you get, when you leave me alone with an Arturia Drumbrute! This machine is nothing but amazing! Shake your booty to these tunes if you like! All recorded live, no overdubs!
Synths and disturbed mental balance - Reinhard Gleisner
Cover dig this!
Peace, Reinhard

EP release date:

8 April 2017


Synapse Jam


Pow R. Toc H. - Move Slow Before You Run!

A little Psychedelic Groove for you! Move slow until you see clearly where you want to run! Enjoy! Peace, Reinhard
Music by Jörg Hünninghaus and Reinhard Gleisner
Drums and Percussion by Jörg Hünninghaus.
Bass and Keys by Reinhard Gleisner
Cover by Reinhard Gleisner

EP: The Octatrack Jams

I am getting to understand the workflow of those brilliant Octatrack Machines....not all of it, but i am getting more and more out of it. Enjoy these Experiments!

Music and Synths - Reinhard Gleisner
Cover - Reinhard Gleisner


Typewriter Dance

Getting Busy In Workplaces

© Katja Maibauer 2014 / Reinhard Gleisner 2017