Pow R. Toc H. - Marbles

Marbles, beautiful and profane. Some have a little Universe least that is what i thought as a kid.
Enjoy this Groove and fly with us. Peace, Reinhard
Jörg Hünninghaus - Drums
Reinhard Gleisner - Bass and various Keys
Original foto used for the cover by Bru-No.

Live Drum and Bass recording! Psychedelic Space Cookie Rock Synthesizer Groove Drums Bass Korg SV1 Electric Piano Moog Sub37 DSI OB6 DSI Poly Evolver

Pow R. Toc H. - Staring Into The Nothing

When you stare at nothing long enough, a tiny universe opens up and grows around you. Let us take you on a trip!
Sit back and fly with us.
Music - Reinhard Gleisner and Jörg Hünninghaus
Drums - Jörg Hünninghaus, Bass and Keys - Reinhard Gleisner
Cover by Reinhard Gleisner

Psychedelic Krautrock Space Cookie Filth Live Drums Live Bass SynthRock Korg SV1 DSI Poly Evolver Moog Sub37 DSI OB6 Roland VK8 Organ

You can actually see us play here:

Patrick Bessler, Reinhard Gleisner - All Strings Attached - Live At INM

Patrick Bessler - Guitar, Reinhard Gleisner - Bass recorded Live at INM, Frankfurt!
Enjoy, Reinhard
Cover Foto by Annette HI
Enjoy the video also!

Guitar BasPsychedelic Improvisation Free Form Funkafide Slime

You can see us here:

Patrick Besser, Reinhard Gleisner - All Strings Attached - The Rehearsal Jams One and Two

In Preparation of an upcoming gig. The first of a couple of rehearsal Jams.
Cover - Reinhard Gleisner, Coverfoto used, originally by TGoeller
Music by Patrick Bessler, Reinhard Gleisner
Bass - Reinhard Gleisner, Guitar - Patrick Bessler

Jam Guitar Bass Live Psychedelic Spacecookie 

The second Rehearsal Jam for you ....The middle passage was carried by a little Loop. Enjoy, Reinhard.
Music by Patrick Bessler and Reinhard Gleisner
Guitar - Patrick Bessler
Bass - Reinhard Gleisner

Free Form Funkafide Jam Psychedelic Guitar  Bass

Machine War

Dedicated to an evil thug in power of whom we hoped that the only thing awkward would be an orange wig...who plans to acquire small nukes so he might actually get to use them.
"When did the machines decide to kill us?" - "When they found out that humans cannot just rebuild and repair, they calculated that they actually could win!" - Chronicles of a failed race, a book they are writing soon.
Music and Instruments: Reinhard Gleisner
The Cover Picture is part of an image by the U.S, war department having undergone a little modification.
Peace, Reinhard

Psychedelic Disruption Broken Beat Bass Bit-Crusher Modular Jomox 999 Elektron Analog4 Future Retro XS Roland Integra 7 Octatrack

Out Of Sync

Another Experimental Groove with my Jomox XBase and the Octatrack! Enjoy! Peace, Reinhard
Synths and Bass - Reinhard Gleisner
Music and Cover - Reinhard Gleisner

Modular Bass Broken Groove Jomox XBase 999 Elektron Octatrack Analog 4

EP - Pow R. Toc H. - Rehearsal Studio Takes 04.10.2018

Ladies and Gentlemen! Allow us to give you some unfiltered and Live Pow R. Toc H. (with a few overdubs - Anything with keys that is on tracks 1 - 4). From there it is Bass, Drums and Bass Live and unfiltered.
Having bought an excellent set of microphones to capture the magic of Jörg's drumming I got to bring my bass to his rehearsal booth and from there.....oh crap, just listen to what happened in just 40 minutes of jamming! Enjoy!
Oh, and btw. Happy New Year to you all!
Instruments and Music by Reinhard Gleisner and Jörg Hünninghaus.
Drums - Jörg, Bass - Reinhard recorded on 04.01.2018
Overdubs (Keys) added on 05.01.2018

Live Drums and Bass! Rock Psychedelic Rock Space Filth Pow R. Toc H.  unfiltered Synth Rock Wahan Drums Bass DSI OB6 DSI PolyEvolver Electric Piano Moog Sub37 Roland VK8 Organ

Veröffentlichungsdatum der EP:

6 Januar 2018

Pow R. Toc H. - Polka Dots

You wonder about the title?....Wait for the end of this one! A cute little Rocker brought to you by Pow R. Toc H. - Dig this! 

Peace, Reinhard

Music by Jörg Hünninghaus, Reinhard Gleisner and Mani
Drums - Jörg, Bass, Soprano and keys - Reinhard, Guitars - Mani
Cover by Reinhard

Mani on Guitar! Hüni Drumming! Bass Guitar! Soprano Psychedelic Rock Space Cookie Wonderpop Moog Sub37 DSI OB6

Pow R. Toc H. - Takin' It Home

Hey hey ... we squeezed another lovely Jam on one of Jörg's fantastic Grooves in our otherwise tight schedules....and out came this little tune for you to take home. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!
Drums - Jörg Hünninhaus, Guitar - Mani, Bass, Soprano and Synths - Reinhard Gleisner. Music by all three of us...

Mani on Guitar! Hüni Drumming! Bass Soprano Guitar Psychedelic Rock Krautrock Spacepie

Modular Electric Vol.3 -Digitaler Takt und Analoge Unvernunft

More Modular Music... Best enjoyed with good Headphones or a proper Hifi system. Peace, Reinhard
Music and synths - Reinhard Gleisner
Original image used for the cover - Zeichen 282: Ende sämtlicher Streckenverbote. - created 2017 by Mediatus. Manipulated and remixed by Reinhard Gleisner

Psychedelic Experimental Modular Electronic Elektron Digitakt Elektron Octatrack Moog Slim Phatty Elektron Analog4 FutureRetroXS Live Recordings Kraut 

Veröffentlichungsdatum der EP:

15 Oktober 2017 plus a third track on 03 December 2017

© Katja Maibauer 2014 / Reinhard Gleisner 2017