Pow R. Toc H. - Disconnect From Things Unreal

I admit it, i went berzerk...recorded a sequence of roughly 13 minutes and then had the nerve to ask Jörg for a groove...and he laid down this amazing groove live....no break 10 goddamn minutes of a solid concrete mixer groove. Initially I thought about splitting, sampling and editing my bass parts, but to honor Jörgs efforts i just had to play the whole line live!

The words are something like this:

Hey, you're still dreaming

Nothings is real with the exception of me and Hüni drumming

You got to disconnect from the things unreal

and yes, my late mother really asked me whether i would ever grow up? 

Nah, i have way too much fun!

Enjoy this one!

Peace, Reinhard

© Katja Maibauer 2014 / Reinhard Gleisner 2017