Machine War

Dedicated to an evil thug in power of whom we hoped that the only thing awkward would be an orange wig...who plans to acquire small nukes so he might actually get to use them.
"When did the machines decide to kill us?" - "When they found out that humans cannot just rebuild and repair, they calculated that they actually could win!" - Chronicles of a failed race, a book they are writing soon.
Music and Instruments: Reinhard Gleisner
The Cover Picture is part of an image by the U.S, war department having undergone a little modification.
Peace, Reinhard

Psychedelic Disruption Broken Beat Bass Bit-Crusher Modular Jomox 999 Elektron Analog4 Future Retro XS Roland Integra 7 Octatrack

© Katja Maibauer 2014 / Reinhard Gleisner 2017