Inspiring the weird mechanic in 2013 and 2014. What made the machine dance.

This is only a small choice of all the brilliant music found on Soundcloud! These are pieces i really have come to love among a huge choice of brilliant music out there...i tried hard to limit this one to, lets say, 20 much for that one! Please check out all the other music i slapped likes on and if you like the stuff, let the awesome musicians know! Let's see what i find in 2015! Peace, Reinhard

P.S. And, oh yes, while it is very nice of you to slap a like on this list it is way more important to "like" the individual tracks as valuable feedback for the creators of this amazing music! Now, go on, dig and enjoy!

© Katja Maibauer 2014 / Reinhard Gleisner 2017